Freedom of association and legal environment for civil society organizations

We are gladly presenting our review of the situation with freedom of association in Belarus in 2022.


  • Main trends
  • New legal framework for Belarusian civil society organizations
    1. Criminal liability for organizing and participating in the activities of unregistered organizations
    2. Amendments to legislation on state support of civil society organizations
  • Rule-making initiatives regarding civil society organizations
    1. Draft Law “On the Essentials of Civil Society”
    2. Amendments to the laws on public associations and political parties
    3. Other possible legislative changes
  • Law enforcement practice
    1. Interference in the activities of civil society organizations
    2. Applying legislation on countering extremism and combating terrorism
      1. List of organizations and individuals involved in terrorist activities
      2. List of citizens involved in extremist activities
      3. Recognizing information materials and resources as extremist
      4. Extremist organizations and formations
    3. Administrative and criminal prosecution of representatives of civil society organizations
    4. Pressure on independent trade unions
    5. Pressure on other non-profit organizations
  • Liquidation of civil society organizations
  • Discrediting civil society organizations by the authorities, establishing their “their own” civil society